San Antonio Hurricane Claim Lawyer

Battling the hardships brought on by hurricanes and the damage they wreak takes patience and persistence. Discovering afterward that you also face a battle with your insurance provider over your legitimate claims adds insult to injury.

The legal team at Law Offices of Bruce J. Mery, J.D., M.B.A., in San Antonio, Texas, represents homeowners in hurricane damage claims in Corpus Christi, Harlingen, Brownsville and throughout southeast Texas. Our San Antonio hurricane claim attorney has more than 32 years of experience standing up against insurance companies and achieving favorable results for our clients.

An Experienced Hurricane Damage Attorney Who Knows What To Look For

Residents of coastal communities rightly expect hurricane insurance that they pay for to cover their losses when a storm does strike. However, insurance companies use tactics that are meant to protect the company's interests, not their policyholders' interests.

Our attorneys are familiar with the aggressive approach that adjusters will take when evaluating claims. We take an equally aggressive approach to protecting our clients' rights. We have reached favorable results for clients in all types of insurance claims, including:

  • Denial of a claim
  • Delayed payment of a claim
  • Underpayment of a claim

Insurance companies have made it more difficult to maintain a claim for some water damages due to distinctions between damage caused by "rising water" versus "water penetration." We work with contractors, engineers and other experts who can provide authoritative testimonial about your insurance claim and know what kind of information needs to be presented to strengthen your case.

If you are wrestling to resolve a hurricane damage insurance claim, do not delay contacting a lawyer. We will assess the facts of your case and provide a recommendation on the next steps to take during a free consultation. Call 210-614-6400 or email us to schedule an appointment.