San Antonio Texas Oil and Gas Lawyer

With the advent of hydraulic fracturing, horizontal drilling and other new technologies, it has opened Texas to more oil and gas exploration. Lease agreements are of utmost importance and the negotiation of royalties, well spacing, depth limitations, production accounting for royalties owed to the landowner and surface rights are a significant factors and concerns in this industry.

Although most leases in Texas for drilling rights to explore for oil or gas on private property as negotiated for three years, there are significant thresholds required to extend the lease. The lease can be extended by production and in certain circumstances, with the correct lease, portions of the landowners property may be outside of the lease and not extended by production and provide the landowner an additional bonus by the execution of a new lease.

Most oil and gas companies will not explain your rights under the lease agreement and will do everything possible to minimize their obligation to pay royalties and bonuses. Some oil and gas companies will damage the surface of the property they lease and not abide by their agreement in making the proper reparations to the surface and roads.

Eagle Ford Shale Oil and Gas Litigation Attorneys

We have the skill and knowledge to assist the property owners in litigation matters and disputes about royalties, bonus payments, surface damage and lease agreements with oil and gas companies. We have the knowledge and skill to handle the most oil and gas litigation matters against even the largest oil and gas corporations operating in Texas.

We have experience representing clients in oil and gas litigation matters such as:

  • Royalty disputes
  • Bonus litigation
  • Breach of lease and enforcement of contract
  • Breach of Fiduciary relationship of trust between parties
  • Trespass and horizontal drilling, and migration cases
  • Lease termination disputes

We will also help the property owner negotiate an oil and gas lease which will protect and provide the landowner a more secure and balanced lease.

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