San Antonio Probate Lawyer

Because your life savings and other assets are a reflection of your hard work and careful planning, it is important to make sure your final property and health care wishes are honored — and that loved ones are provided for in your absence.

The Law Offices of Bruce J. Mery, J.D., M.B.A., represents residents of San Antonio and the surrounding area who are in need of guidance and representation on issues of probate, wills and estates.

We help prepare wills, trusts and other documents that allow our clients to give their assets to whom they want, how they want, while minimizing the costs of administration. We also assist in the planning necessary to avoid unnecessary complication in the event of significant injury or illness.

Our experienced and highly regarded estate planning lawyer can provide:

  • Simple wills, trusts and related documents
  • Complex wills establishing trusts for minor children or preserving family assets
  • Advanced health care directives with your wishes regarding life support and other medical measures
  • Medical power of attorney enabling a spouse or other designee to make health care decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated
  • Durable power of attorney appointing someone in case you are unable to handle your own affairs
  • Guardianships providing financial care and personal oversight of a minor child or an adult with special needs if you die or become incapacitated
  • Probate administration
  • Family business succession planning

Will Contest Attorney

When a loved one dies, often a family member is named as the executor of the will. Probate issues can be extremely confusing and can place a great deal of stress upon families.

We have more than 32 years of experience helping to probate wills in Texas. We assist in settling the estate, from paying debts to distributing assets to heirs. We also represent family members in probate litigation, such as will challenges or unauthorized possession of assets of the estate.

If you have questions regarding any estate planning matters, our San Antonio probate attorney offers free consultations. Call 210-614-6400 or use our contact form to schedule an appointment.